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Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DCYJMA032Rfx19 YJ Intensive Bail Initiative Gold Coast 2021-12-01 $2,352,710
DCSYW227 South East Region - Flexible, Emergency Non-Family-Based Care Service with a Proactive Outreach Component. 2021-12-01 $3,168,864
DCYJMA021RFx28 Specialist Counselling Service - Restorative Justice Conferencing Support 2021-11-24 $2,885,322
DCYJMA025RFx18 Toowoomba Youth Support Service 2021-11-16 $513,499
DCYJMA006b Impact evaluation of the implementation of the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 2021-11-05 $255,937
DCYJMA266 Residential and Emergency Care Services Mt Isa 2021-10-15 $3,477,122
DCYJMA023RFx20 YJ Intensive Bail Initiative - Caboolture/Redcliffe 2021-10-01 $2,376,232
202108FCR Foster carer recruitment campaign tracking market research 2021-22 2021-09-22 $29,700
DCYJMA005 Dedicated Mobile Support - Women and their children accommodated in affordable head lease accommodation (Moreton Bay) 2021-09-16 $352,000
DCSYW229A Mount Isa, Doomadgee and Mornington Island Youth Support Services 2021-09-01 $2,332,598