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Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DCSYW133 Cairns Youth Sexual Violence Support Services Evaluation (0180GGG) 2020-08-11 $286,000
DCSYW132 Cairns Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Training and Mentoring Service 2020-07-31 $121,000
DCSYW131 Cairns Youth Sexual Violence Counselling and Case Management Support Service (180AAA) 2020-07-24 $1,174,250
DCSYW146 Family Support Service, Sunshine Coast Catchment, Moreton Region 2020-07-01 $1,683,960
10062020 DCSYW202004 Delegated Authority State-wide Implementation 2020-06-26 $60,000
DCSYW130 Cairns Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Service (0180RR) 2020-06-24 $379,500
DCSYW210 Mapping domestic and family violence (DFV) data on people with disability, and designing and completing an evaluation to measure and report on progress against the outcomes in the plan (178-3) 2020-06-23 $399,955
DCSYW193 Evaluation of Our Way, Changing Tracks 2017-2022 2020-06-23 $644,422
DYJ167 Evaluation of the Legal Advocacy and Bail Support Services 2020-06-22 $400,000
DCSYW209 Developing and delivering domestic and family violence training and resources for the disability workforce (178-2) 2020-06-22 $252,248
DCSYW208 Developing and delivering domestic and family violence information and awareness resources for women with disability (178-1) 2020-06-19 $206,074
DCSYW196 Evaluation of New and Enhanced Service Responses to Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse 2020-06-18 $374,980
DCSYW211 Communication and engagement strategy to raise awareness in relation to people with disability impacted by domestic and family violence 2020-06-08 $196,350
DCSYW212 Online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family-Led Decision Making (ATSIFLDM) training package 2020-06-01 $227,401
DCSYW195 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing Service in Lockhart River 2020-06-01 $220,000
DCSYW128 Safe, Care and Connection project 2020-06-01 $100,000
DCSYW203 Models of Care Self Determination 2020-05-18 $58,000