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Department of Environment and Science

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DES121249 DES121249 - Yaddamen Dhina Toilet 2021-10-26 $191,785
DES121188 Newry Islands Amenities Upgrade_Newry Islands National Park 2021-10-18 $168,177
DES121155 Understanding the legacy of cane practice change projects for Reef water quality improvement 2021-09-30 $164,956
DPP202101 Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring Data Management System 2021-09-20 $333,280
DES121183 First Nations Communications specialist (Reef 2050) 2021-09-15 $53,694
DES20649A Private Protected Area Program - Nature Refuge Landholder Services Delivery 2021-09-10 $1,099,990
DES12131 Waste Acceptance Criteria Critical Review 2021-09-01 $100,000
DES12139 Independent evaluation of Reef Assist Program 2021-07-28 $129,800
DES21770 Queensland Water Modelling Network Research, Development and Innovation Tender 2021 2021-07-09 $375,156
DES12122 Estimated Rehabilitation Cost Calculator - Major Review 2021-07-06 $99,254
DES21754 QRWQP Designing for the Future Independent Review 2021-06-23 $115,588