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Department of Environment and Science

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DES19379 Supply and Construction of an Open Carport at Magnetic Island Base, Magnetic Island 2020-05-20 $22,000
DES19398 Purchase of Air Monitoring Services 2020-05-19 $27,000
DES19364 Design Certification and Construction of Storage Shed at Lake Eacham 2020-05-19 $72,264
SPOGC20002 For the purchase of Maiala Timber Structures Rectification Works 2020-05-15 $43,000
DES19306 Low Island Infrastructure Maintenance and Repairs 2020-05-08 $72,314
DES19337 Upgrade of Daisy Hill Boardwalk and Springbrook Day Use Area Paths 2020-05-06 $510,000
DES19347 Repair of Bridges at East Trinity Reserve 2020-04-22 $526,164
DES19366 Westridge Outlook deck repairs 2020-04-09 $30,000
DES19372 professional contractors to complete a review of contemporary knowledge and policy related to the use of translocation as a mana 2020-04-06 $43,000
DES19239 Research Development and Innovation Human Dimensions 2020-04-03 $1,000,000
DES19343 Lamington National Park Circuit Track Work 2020-03-26 $132,000
DES19365 Crocodile management data collation and interpretation 2020-03-23 $87,000
DES19319 Provision of Services for Scientific Expert Advice 2020-03-23 $735,000
DES19362 Purchase of Black Carbon Monitor 2020-03-20 $33,000
DES19267 Construction of two (2) aluminium catamaran patrol vessels 2020-03-19 $4,450,088
DES19468B1 Construction of a concrete walking track at Lake Eacham National Park 2020-03-16 $57,000
DES19361 Provision of services to develop, curate and manage the Minister’s Sustainability Challenge and relevant additional events 2020-03-11 $360,000
DES19328 Traditional Owner Support Services for the Thayanaku and Orchid Creek Land Dealings 2020-03-11 $1,011,103
DES19101 Construction of Landscape Design at Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park 2020-03-09 $90,000
DES19344 Communication tools to explain Queensland water plan climate risks and the underlying methodology 2020-03-04 $42,000
DES19291 Provision of Topographic and Bathymetric Survey of the East Trinity Environmental Reserve 2020-03-03 $115,000
DES19183 Contract Administrator to manage the Minjerribah Township Fire Management Strategies. 2020-02-27 $227,150
DES19270 Purchase of Springsure Pozi-track and implements 2020-02-24 $260,000