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Department of Environment and Science

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DES19412 Townsville CP Walking Tracks 2020-12-18 $340,000
DESBCP017 Demolition, Removal and Disposal of Existing Toilet Block and Supply and Construction of new Toilet Block, Goold Island 2020-12-16 $157,000
DES19252 Design of the Kin Kin Creek Bridge Replacement 2020-12-10 $49,000
DESBCP011 Provision of construction services for replacement/repair of culverts and spillway at East Trinity Reserve 2020-12-08 $160,000
DES20406 Vegetation Management Works in South Brisbane areas 2020-12-08 $405,000
DES20383 Supply and Delivery of One (1) Brand new condition 6x4 Bonneted Prime Mover Truck 2020-12-01 $301,684
DES20382 Supply and delivery of One (1) Brand New Heavy Duty Triaxle Drop Deck Trailer with Ramps 2020-12-01 $149,443
DESBCP005 Design and Construct Wave Flume 2020-11-27 $300,000
DES19409 Earthworks in Daisy Hill Work Unit area 2020-11-27 $262,000
DES19404A David Fleay Wildlife Park Cafe - Upgrade and compliance refurbishment project 2020-11-26 $220,000
DESBCP001 Lamington National Park Walking Track Restoration 2020-11-16 $249,700
DES20485 Hire of Charter Vessel to Conduct Crown of Thorns Starfish Surveys for 2020/2021 2020-10-22 $182,000
DES20293 SEQ Regional Ecosystem Offset Project 2020-10-13 $60,000
DES20418 Research, Development and Innovation Priorities for the Queensland Water Monitoring Network 2020-09-23 $370,000
DES20400 Groundwater Investigations 2020 2020-09-14 $1,754,231
DES19091E Boardwalk Construction Whitsunday Island Craig Trail project 2020-08-31 $780,000