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Queensland Rail Limited

Reference # Title Award Date Value
QRP18212b IMU160/SMU260 Communications and CCTV Upgrade 2020-12-23 $8,662,952
QRP19210 Provision of Locksmith Services 2020-12-14 $1,000,000
QRP19176 Supply, Rental and Delivery of Industrial Gas 2020-10-30 $1,800,000
QRP19212 QRP-19-212 Supply, Repair and Overhaul Driver Seats 2020-10-20 $960,000
QRP2038 QRP-20-38 Lubricator Upgrades West Moreton 2020-10-06 $836,750
QRP1954 Security Systems Service and Maintenance 2020-09-21 $5,600,000
QRP223224 Supply of Hardware and Electrical Products 2020-09-08 $1
QRP2016 Low Voltage Electrical Systems 2020-09-08 $1
QRP18215 Supply of Turnouts & Associated Equipment 2020-09-08 $1