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The University of Queensland

Reference # Title Award Date Value
UQ2119A1 Façade Engineer Consultant for the St Lucia East Buildings Package - ACP Façade Replacement 2021-08-05 $315,370
UQ2117 Young Achievers Residential Camps 2022 and 2023 2021-08-03 $167,760
UQ2014 For the provision of a Digital Procurement Solution 2021-07-01 $1,301,124
UQ2107 For the supply of latex and nitrile gloves 2021-06-24 $364,552
UQ2017 For the manufacture, delivery and installation of equipment for the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Pilot Plant 2021-06-23 $1,584,836

The University of Queensland - Information Technology Services

Reference # Title Award Date Value
2021UQ1063 Cold Storage for Research Data 2021-08-20 $1,400,000
2020LNXRFQ UQ LearnX RFQ - Open edX implementation and ongoing maintenance 2021-08-18 $171,000