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Department Of Education, Training and Employment

Reference # Title Award Date Value
DoEC21047 Babinda State School Resurface Timber Sports Floor of Great Hall 2021-10-13 $32,813
DoE34701885 Ipswich Special School Block A Outdoor Learning Area (with Design Responsibility) 2021-10-13 $199,211
DoE34158725 Wondall Heights State School OSHC Infrastructure Upgrades Program (with design responsibility) 2021-10-13 $292,113
DoE34158716 Victora Point State School Preschool Refurbishment Block G Refurbishment and Modular Demolition (with Design Responsibility) 2021-10-12 $587,400
DoE216517 Weir State School SIE Upgrade to Teaching Block 6 andTuckshop Upgrade 2021-10-11 $463,972
DoE34157649 Sandgate State School Car Park and Covered Walkway (with Design Responsibility) 2021-10-07 $207,812
DoE34158679 Mooloolah SS Amenities Upgrade (with Design Responsibility) 2021-10-06 $319,675
DoE34701840 Coomera Springs State School Resource Centre STEM Refurbishment (With Design Responsibility) 2021-10-05 $234,936
DoE157003 Morayfield SHS Planned Maintenance (with Design Responsibility) 2021-10-05 $239,492
QED106042 Billing, Inventory, Provisioning System (BIPS) with analytical services for voice, data and mobile 2021-10-01 $1,813,133
DoE34158634 Burleigh Heads State School Landscape Refurbishment Project (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-29 $377,300
DoE34158652 Dutton Park State School Hall Extension (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-28 $470,217
DoE34159699 Zillmere State School Covered Ramp (with design responsibility) 2021-09-27 $55,551
DoE295001 Northgate State School Block E Extension (With Design Responsibility) 2021-09-27 $393,454
QED109571 Public Private Partnership Technical Services - Quantity Surveyor 2021-09-20 $144,000
DoE34701871 Gunalda State School Multipurpose Court (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-17 $219,318
DoE161003 Varsity College Middle Administration Refurbishment (With Design Responsibility) 2021-09-16 $219,051
DoE34701688 Bulimba State School Outdoor Learning Area (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-15 $591,900
DoE34159999 Mayfield State School DDA Access and New Covered Links (With Design Responsibility) 2021-09-15 $129,466
DoE34158686 Nerang State School E Block and Prep Playground Refurbishment with Design (Eligible PQC Contractors Level 2) 2021-09-10 $1,224,511
QED108474 Tannum Sands State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-09-09 $3,221,505
DoE34701917 Merrimac State School Block E Refurbishment (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-09 $457,050
DoE34159616 Corinda SHS Block L Roof Replacement (Rectification and Refurbishment) 2021-09-09 $310,480
QED109503 Pacific Pines State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-09-08 $6,336,270
DoE34701966 Tiaro State School Life Skills Upgrade (with Design Responsibility) 2021-09-08 $244,806
DoE34701878 Hilder Road SS Prep Block Refurbishment (With Design Responsibility) 2021-09-06 $449,543
DoE34159698 Nashville State School PWD Ramp (with design responsibility) 2021-09-01 $168,190
DoE34701934 Nanango State High School Block D Kinesiology upgrade 2021-08-31 $92,290
DoE34158651 DURACK STATE SCHOOL HALL EXTENSION (with Design Responsibility) 2021-08-31 $209,608
DoE34701879 Hilliard State School SIE Block D and E Refurbishment, Modular Demolition and Relocation (with Design Responsibility) 2021-08-30 $1,045,862
DoE34158639 Carbrook State School Administration Extension and Refurbishment 2021-08-30 $1,092,754
DoE34158243 Bald Hills State School Admin Relocation 2021-08-30 $1,076,229
DoE176004 Woodridge State High School Collaboration Upgrade (Stage 3) (With Design Responsibility) 2021-08-30 $324,009
DoEC21013 Smithfield State High School 3x External Sports Courts 2021-08-26 $594,109
DoE34157837 Ipswich West Special School Tiger Street PWD drop off and Ramps (with Design Responsibility) 2021-08-26 $334,510
DoEC21006 Innisfail State College Amenities Upgrade 2021-08-23 $211,647
QED109444 Pallara State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-08-20 $7,922,025
QED106853 Ferny Grove State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-08-19 $10,571,967
DoE296001 Russell Island SS Prep Playground and Remediation (With Design Responsibility) 2021-08-19 $121,000
QED109558 Hercules Road State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-08-17 $2,499,840
DoE34701540AA Mudgeeraba Creek State School STEM Refurbishment (With Design Responsibility) 2021-08-16 $366,257
DoE517 Yeronga State School Upgrade Outdoor Learning Area 2021-08-13 $661,650
DoE34159499 Elanora SHS Roof Replacements and Repairs (with Design Responsibility) 2021-08-13 $656,260
DoE34701633 Labrador State School Hall Refurbishment (with design responsibility) 2021-08-12 $530,819
QED108963 Gladstone Central State School - Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) 2021-08-11 $5,366,502
DoE34701742 Clermont State School Oval Irrigation and Landscaping with Design Responsibility 2021-08-11 $288,518
DoE16384 Springwood Road State School Oval Refurb Project 2021-08-11 $227,744
DoE126009 Elanora State High School Sports Courts Maintenance and Shade Structure (with Design Responsibility) 2021-08-05 $105,820
DoE34158601 Wilston SS Pool Amenities Replacement (with Design Responsibility) 2021-07-21 $607,723
DoE34158603 Strathpine State School Oval Tiered Seating Retaining Walls and Disability Access 2021-07-19 $213,037
DoE11022021 Woodridge State High School - New Outdoor Learning Area 2021-07-15 $544,390
PDU1552021 Building Future Schools Program - New Primary School in Redland Bay - Principal Consultant 2021-07-14 $368,148
DoEC20018 Redlynch State College Construction Court 2021-07-14 $131,615
DoE34701777 Bohlevale State School Block B Classrooms Upgrade 2021-07-12 $622,847
DoE34158683A Mt Warren Park SS Roof Replacement Works Retender 2021-07-12 $946,000
DoE34158437 Beerwah SHS FlexiSpace, Manual Arts Roof Replacement and Amenities Upgrade 2021-07-12 $750,640
QED109545PDU1472021 Project Manager Services for a New Secondary School in Redbank Plains 2021-07-09 $409,420
QED106912 Maleny State High School - Provision of Canteen Service 2021-07-07 $700,000
PN34155877PSU1352021 Building Future Schools Program - Gainsborough State School - Principal Consultant 2021-07-07 $141,928
QED109614 Bohlevale State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-07-06 $5,345,172
PDU1942021 Building Future Schools Program - Principal Consultant for Palmview State Primary and Special Schools Stage 2 2021-07-06 $196,878
PDU1932021 Building Future Schools Program - Baringa State Secondary College Stage 2 - Principal Consultant 2021-07-06 $160,543
DoE34158439 North Lakes State College Flexispace Refurbishment 2021-07-06 $324,089
DoE34158247 Gowrie State School Outdoor Learning Area 2021-07-06 $410,508
QED109436 Yarrilee State School - Outside School Hours Care - OSHC 2021-06-30 $3,049,560
DoEC21008 Bentley Park College Existing Building Refurbishment 2021-06-28 $473,615
DoE34701780 Wulguru State School Upgrade/Modernise Classrooms C Block 2021-06-25 $516,302
DoE34701778 Heatley State School SIEP Refurbishment of Teaching Block B 2021-06-25 $486,548
QED109544PDU1542021 Project Manager Services for a New Secondary School in Redland Bay 2021-06-24 $454,214
PDU1452021 Building Future Schools Program - Principal Consultant for new secondary school in Springfield 2021-06-24 $549,736
DoE215004A Burnside State High School Shade Structure and Driveway 2021-06-24 $157,335
DoE34159486 Robertson SS Covered Link Replacement and Stair Remediation with Design Responsibility 2021-06-22 $180,774
DoE16342A Yugumbir State School Admin Refurb Project 2021-06-21 $86,344