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Building Queensland

Reference # Title Award Date Value
BQ038120 Provision of Legal Services 2020-09-15 $52,000
BQ037920 Provision of Financial and Commercial Services 2020-09-14 $152,402
BQ038020 Provision of Design and Cost Services 2020-09-11 $268,750
BQ037820 Provision of Service Need, Demand and Economic Analysis 2020-09-11 $170,833
BQ037620 Provision of Financial and Commercial Peer Review Services 2020-09-11 $47,800
BQ036920 Provision of Legal and Regulatory Services 2020-09-11 $120,000
BQ037320 Provision of Sustainability Advisory Services 2020-08-28 $30,230
BQ037020 Business Case Management Services 2020-08-26 $810,960
BQ035520 Environmental Impact Peer Review 2020-08-24 $77,050
BQ036520 Provision of Water Resources Peer Review Services 2020-08-13 $39,730
BQ036820 Provision of Cost Peer Review Services 2020-08-05 $109,740
BQ035320 Provision of Social Impact Evaluation Peer Review 2020-08-04 $39,570
BQ035920 Demand and Economic Peer Review Services 2020-07-28 $127,900
BQ036120 Provision of Economic Analysis Peer Review 2020-07-27 $59,700
BQ036020 Provision of Economic Advisory Services 2020-07-23 $333,750
BQ036620 Provision of Demand and Options Assessment Peer Review Services 2020-07-16 $40,590
BQ036420 Provision of Business Case Management Services 2020-07-13 $617,922
BQ035820 Provision of Service Need, Demand, Pricing and Economic Analysis 2020-07-06 $449,370
BQ036220 Provision of Detailed Demand and Options Assessment 2020-06-10 $272,265
BQ034920 Provision of Climate Risk Advisor 2020-06-08 $76,570
BQ035120 Provision of Workforce Strategy Development Services 2020-06-03 $138,000
BQ035020 Provision of Financial and Economic Peer Review Advisory Services 2020-06-03 $55,300
BQ035220 Provision of Corporate Creative Services 2020-05-26 $100,000
BQ034520 Provision of Legal Advisory Services 2020-05-14 $50,000