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Invitation to Submit Tender - Chiller Replacement (M24), Mt Gravatt campus  

Griffith University
The Tender Box - Griffith University - Finance, Sewell Bldg (N12), Lvl 0, Room 0.19, West Creek Rd, Nathan, QLD, Australia, 4111
Invitation to Submit Tender - Chiller Replacement (M24), Mt Gravatt campus (2557160252BCONSCAP)
Invitation to Submit Tender - Chiller Replacement (M24), Mt Gravatt campus

Invitation to Submit a Tender

Re:   Chiller Replacement – Psychology (M24), Mt Gravatt campus

You are invited to submit a Tender to carry out all works associated with the Chiller Replacement (M24), Mt Gravatt campus, Griffith University.

Tenders close at 1.00 pm on Thursday 23 January 2020 via the QTenders link associated with this project in accordance with the Conditions of Tender.  A Tender submitted late or by any other means than that nominated may not be accepted.

Please note that Tenders will not be opened publicly.

The Tender documents comprise the following;

  • This Letter of Invitation
  • Project Preliminaries
  • Form of Tender
  • GU General Conditions of Tendering for Building Works
  • GU Amending Conditions of Contract modifying AS 2124 – 1992 Annexure A to the GU General Conditions of Contract
  • Document Transmittal
  • GU Preferred Contractors List
  • ‘As Constructed’ Documentation Requirements for Contractors
  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Multi-tech Solutions Returnable Schedules


Any queries relating to the tender documents including drawings and specifications (if any) shall be submitted via the QTenders link associated with this project. Requests for site access for inspection should be directed to the PD&C Project Manager Huw Hayes on Telephone 3735 7991, Mobile 0466 948 521 or Email

You are required to check that all Tender documents received match those listed on the accompanying Document Transmittal. Confirmation that you have received all the documents listed is to be provided to the Principal by signing a copy of the Transmittal where provided and returning it to the Principal in accordance with the requirements of the General Conditions of Tendering.

If you are unable to submit at Tender for whatever reason, you are requested to notify the person nominated above in writing stating the reason prior to the tender close date. This will assist me in preparing the tender evaluation and will maintain your standing with the University as a potential tenderer for future works.

The Mandatory Site visit will occur on Wednesday the 18 December 2019 at 8:00am sharp, meeting at the Security desk with a maximum of three (3) team members including any preferred/nominated sub-contractors in attendance. Contractors not in attendance will be penalised in their Tender Evaluation. Additional site visits are to be arranged upon via contact with the Project Manager and will only be considered in mitigating circumstances. No additional costs will be approved by the Superintendent or paid by the Principal due to any failure on your part to appreciate the extent of the project and its impact on adjacent buildings or facilities or to evaluate any constraints on access or key service infrastructure to the site of the works.

Initially, each Tenderer is to provide a conforming submission however if there are works contained within the scope of works that the Tenderer believes unnecessary or a more efficient method can be used; these are to be proposed and identified. Additionally, if there are works contained within the scope of works that are beyond the Tenderer’s capacity or risk profile but requested these again are to be clearly identified with the support of a provisional sum.


All Tenderers are to make themselves aware of the current GU Design Guidelines and supplementary Campus Development information available via the Griffith University website and its application to the project, both during the tender period and during Construction, as no variations will be granted based on the knowledge contained within these or issued tender documentation.


General Requirements:


Tenderers are required to submit as part of their tender the following:


  1. A detailed Gant chart (time) program indicating all activities occurring during the time required for the execution of the work under the Contract, including working drawings, preparation works, installation, service interruptions, commissioning and as-built activities; This must show adherence to the timeframe noted and include all long lead time items.
  2. The Value Add offered by the Tendering organisation including any departures from the nominated requirements with justifiable reasoning such as better performance, safety records, time efficiencies and the like.
  3. Current CV’s detailing nominated team members specific relevant project experience. The approval of alternative Project teams prior to start is purely at the discretion of the University.
  4. A demonstration of the Tenderer’s understanding of the key elements of the scope items including but not limited to the demolition process, interaction with mains electrical supply, crane lift experience within live environments, lead times of associated plant, materials and equipment, services and user interruptions, noisy and dusty works plus interaction with key User Groups/ Superintendent Representatives (e.g. Building Certifier/ GU Engineering Services).
  5. Signed Document Transmittal, breakdown of fee submission via the Form of Tender Appendix 1, Form of Tender detailing overall fee submission, optional requested pricing, alignment to the issued documentation, attendance to site inspection.


The Tender will be Evaluated according to the above criteria.

The successful contractor will be appointed as the Principal Contractor and will negotiate access to the site with the Superintendent and campus representatives. Access is to be maintained to all areas of the campus during construction. Documentation required for Certificate of Classification and O & M Manuals are to be provided to the principal within six (6) weeks of the Practical Completion. If this does not occur Griffith University will complete these at the Contractors cost.

Yours sincerely,

Huw Hayes

Project Manager

23 Jan, 2020
Building and Construction and Maintenance Services - (100%)
limited offer process
$771,295 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
1 Apr, 2020
Cassy Long
OFFICE: (07) 3735 5285


Value Added Asset Management
29 Sudbury Street, Darra, QLD, Australia, 4076
Price: $ 771295.00