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Provision of Biosecurity Services  

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Level 32, 400 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
Goods and Services
Provision of Biosecurity Services

The Department requires a range of biosecurity related services delivered in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area. This will assist the Queensland Government’s commitment to the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Biosecurity Strategy in ‘Improved capability and capacity’. It will require the employment of an indigenous identified biosecurity trainee position for 18 months with each Local Government to meet the requirements of this contract.

Key services which Biosecurity Queensland will require delivered by each Council include:

  • Surveillance for a range of high priority plant and animal pest and diseases, and invasive plants and animals.
  • Establishment of monitoring equipment, regular checking, data recording and submission to Biosecurity Queensland.
  • Undertake control treatment activities as required for high priority target pests and weeds.
  • Undertake compliance inspections of cargo, vessels, machinery and equipment.
  • Participation in engagement activities to promote positive biosecurity outcomes in the Torres Strait and NPA.


13 Mar, 2020
Environmental Services - (100%)
limited offer process
$260,000 (Estimate)
Cairns & Far North Queensland
2 Jun, 2020


Torres Shire Council
PO Box 171 , Thursday Island, QLD , 4875, Australia
Price: $ 0.00
Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council
: 6 Woosup Street, Umagico, QLD , 4876, Australia
Price: $ 0.00