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ILUA/IMA Applicant Review  

Department of Environment and Science
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ILUA/IMA Applicant Review

Review draft ILUA including schedules and confirm that drafting is acceptable to the Registered Native Title Claimant (RNTC). This is to include advice particularly on provisions relevant to parties, future acts / agreed acts and Authorisation mechanics. Provide drafting and advice to the State on all relevant matters in order to support Authorisation.
2. Review consultation documents provided by the State / Jabalbina against anthropological materials to form a view on the extent of consultation undertaken with the relevant native title group. Provide a report to the State on the extent of identification of relevant native title parties and the extent of consultation undertaken in the negotiation to date. Note whether any gaps in identification exist and work with the State and Jabalbina to resolve this. Requirements 1 and 2 must be completed before any further work or expenses can be incurred under the contract.
3. Consult with the Jabalbina and the State and agree steps to inform native title holders and persons who may hold native title of the NP(CYPAL) negotiations and steps to be taken by those who wish to register their interest in being consulted/involved.
4. Meet with and provide advice to the RNTC in relation to the proposed ILUA and seek instructions and nomination of signatories. Provide a report of those instructions and nominated signatories to the State.
5. Participate in conjunction with the State and Jabalbina in relation to pre-ILUA Authorisation consultations including checking of the public notification of the ILUA authorisation meeting which would be acceptable to the RNTC. Provide a copy of any materials intended to be presented at meetings to the State in advance of pre-ILUA Authorisation and the Authorisation meeting.
6. Prepare for and attend pre-ILUA Authorisation community information sessions in Mossman, Wujal Wujal, Cooktown, Cairns, Yarrabah, Townsville and Palm Island, and other locations if necessary. Responsibilities include conveying and representing the interests of the RNTC, and observing, contributing to and documenting the meetings. Provide report to the State on the extent of consultation insofar as RNTC interests.
7. Attend the ILUA Authorisation meeting. Responsibilities include representing the interests of the RNTC (including processes under s251A(2) NTA), providing advice to attendees as to the native title implications of the proposed ILUA and observing, contributing to and documenting the meeting.
8. Report to the RNTC and the State on the outcome of the ILUA authorisation meeting and arrange for execution of the ILUA (if outstanding).
9. Provide the State with Anthropology Authorisation Report insofar as RNTC interests (documenting representation at the meeting and decision-making process).
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15 Mar, 2021
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