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Mowing, Slashing & Grounds Maintenance Services  

ICON Ipswich, 117 Brisbane Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305, , Australia
Mowing, Slashing & Grounds Maintenance Services (04181T)
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Mowing, Slashing & Grounds Maintenance Services

Seqwater is seeking to engage with Service Providers for the provision of mowing, slashing and grounds maintenance across three regions, Central, North and South. The scope of work is characterized by the following definitions:

Mowing - Mowing of Embankments (inclined ground): Examples include dam walls
Slashing – Tractor slashing and brush cutting. Examples include maintaining fire breaks and clearing of large grassy fields.
Ground Maintenance - Mowing, trimming, spraying, pruning and the weeding of gardens and lawn areas. Examples include general upkeep of recreational areas.

The objective is to contract with a sole contractor to self-perform and/or subcontract the entirety of the scope across all of Seqwater’s regions to provide efficient, safe and quality service in a commercially and transitionally effective manner.


11 Dec, 2020
Landscaping services - (100%)
selective offer process
$3,000,000 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
13 Apr, 2021
Leza Mienie
OFFICE: (07) 30352977


Skyline Landscape Services
5 / 61 Lawrence Drive, , Nerang, QLD, Australia, 4211
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