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Crocodile Monitoring Program - Analysis and Expert knowledge  

Department of Environment and Science
Level 32, 400 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
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Crocodile Monitoring Program - Analysis and Expert knowledge
  1. Detailed advice and support for the 2021 crocodile survey program, including participation in planning meetings, definition of spotlight and helicopter survey transects, and on-demand advice on factors affecting survey times and logistics.
  2. GIS mapping and interpretation of GoPro imagery captured during the survey and preparation of short-form reports as necessary.
  3. Experimental design for stratified sampling of riverine and lagoonal habitat along longitudinal transects of the Albert and Mitchell Rivers, assistance with conduct of the surveys,  GIS mapping of survey data and imagery, and analysis of results.
  4. Planning and assistance with conduct of helicopter surveys of upstream and severely modified habitat as required.
  5. Continued data collation and quality assurance of new survey data, alignment with historical data, and analysis of spatial and temporal changes in crocodile numbers, size distribution and biomass over time. 
  6. Preparation of summary statistics and graphs to inform advice to senior management of DES and the Minister.
  7. Analysis of tracking data during related DES project work, including:
    1. compilation and data-cleansing to create a comprehensive, GIS-compatible database;
    2. writing of R code to characterise movement patterns and relate them to tidal cycles, time of day and receiver separation distances;
    3. analysis of a calibration experiment to determine receiver detection probability as a function of distance, and simulation modelling of detection probabilities based on movement speeds detected during the hazing trials;
    4. creation of draft figures and graphs for incorporation into reports; and
    5. advice to DES staff on appropriate analysis techniques for other parts of the exercise and commentary on the draft report.
  8. Attendance at a consultative committee meeting with representatives of local government and community organisations.
5 Mar, 2021
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services - (100%)
limited offer process
$87,000 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
21 Apr, 2021


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