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Ipswich Hospital - Chiller Replacement  

West Moreton Hospital and Health Service
Ipswich Hospital, Lvl 7 Tower Block, Chelmsford Avenue, Ipswich, QLD, Australia, 4305
Ipswich Hospital - Chiller Replacement (WMHHS103597)
Ipswich Hospital - Chiller Replacement


West Moreton Hospital and Health Service is seeking Proposals for the replacement of Chillers at Ipswich Hospital. 

The works include:

  •  Demonlition;
  • Chiller Plant;
  • Automatic Control and Monitoring;
  • electrical Work
  • Drainage and Make-up water
  • Coordination;
  • Training;
  • Drawings;
  • Samples;
  • Testing and Commissioning;
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals;
  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Warranty;
  • Painting and labelling; and
  • Construction Engineering.

For detailed information on the specific goods / services sought under this tender, please review the "60600416-ME-SPC-001 Mechanical Services Specification" refer to the Notice to Tenders for additional details.


No1 - Additional information and Extension of tender.


No1 - Additional Site Inspection & Vendor posed questions

No2 - Vendor posed questions

No3 - Vendor posed questions

No4 - Vendor posed question


Response Schedule has been updated - Additional questions for Response Schedule 3 and Response Schedule 3a added to the document


Registration is required to attend the site inspection at Ipswich hospital. To attend please send through your details to Anyone that has previously registered additional details will be provided on Monday. Site inspection time is booked for 11am.

10 Feb, 2021
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services - (100%)
open offer process
$1,512,720 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
30 Apr, 2021
Caitlin O'Brien
OFFICE: (07) 34472908


Value Added Asset Management
29 Sudbury Street, Darra, QLD, Australia, 4076
Price: $ 1512720.00