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Catering Panel  

Queensland Rail Limited
Tender Box, Ground Floor Railcentre 2, 309 Edward Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000, QLD, Australia, 4000
Catering Panel (QRP2020)
Goods and Services
Catering Panel

This tender is to facilitate the establishment of a panel of suppliers of catering goods and associated services to Queensland Rail.Deliveries are required to Brisbane, Rockhampton,Townsville and Cairns.

The panel will consist of the following categories and sub categories:
• Meat and Seafood
   o Poultry
   o Meat
   o Seafood
• Beverages
   o Ice
   o Water
   o Soft drinks
   o Juice
   o Alcohol
• Dairy Products
   o Dairy
   o Desserts
   o Ice-Creams
• Dry Goods
   o Dry Goods
   o Bread and Pastries
   o Biscuits
   o Confectionary
• Frozen Goods
   o Frozen Goods
• Fruit and Vegetables
   o Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
   o Marinated Vegetables
   o Prepared Vegetables
• Catering Equipment and Supplies
   o Meal Trays
   o Equipment & Supplies
   o Chemicals
• Flowers
   o Flowers
• Associated Services
   o Biological testing
   o Auditing

14 Sep, 2020
Food Beverage and Tobacco Products - (100%)
open offer process
$8,300,000 (Estimate)
Cairns & Far North Queensland
South East Queensland
28 May, 2021
Laura Burgess
OFFICE: (07) 30721418


Multiple Vendors
Regional and SEQ, Regional and SEQ, QLD , Multiple, Australia
Price: $ 0.00