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Invitation to Submit Tender - Sciences Asset Plan, Enabling Works Package B (N34 & N55) Early Works, Science 2 (N34 1.08), Nathan campus  

Griffith University
The Tender Box - Griffith University - Finance, Sewell Bldg (N12), Lvl 0, Room 0.19, West Creek Rd, Nathan, QLD, Australia, 4111
Invitation to Submit Tender - Sciences Asset Plan, Enabling Works Package B (N34 & N55) Early Works, Science 2 (N34 1.08), Nathan campus (2732160364BCONSCAP)
Invitation to Submit Tender - Sciences Asset Plan, Enabling Works Package B (N34 & N55) Early Works, Science 2 (N34 1.08), Nathan campus

Project No.:     160364

Project Name: Sciences Asset Plan, Enabling Works – Package B (N34 & N55) Early Works, Science 2 (N34 1.08), Nathan campus

To relocate Joinery and Workstations from N34 1.08 to N25 1.25 including disconnect of all services; removal back to base and installation with relevant labelling in final Option 01 configuration. N34 1.08 & 1.03a shall be demolished back to base. The relocation shall align with GU Design Guidelines v22 (available via GU Website), and other documents listed by the document transmittal attached. Documents shall be viewed as a whole. All site personnel shall be GU inducted.


N34 1.08 & 1.03A:

N34 space shall have ceiling, internal linings and flooring removed with all services made safe. No works beyond the 1.03a & 1.08 internal boundaries.  


Contractor shall allow the University one day to determine salvaged items once site made safe and ceiling (tiles) removed.

The intent is to salvage the following items for spares, however if the Griffith University determines that the items are not required, the contractor shall dispose of relevant items.

  • Carpet/ Ceiling Tiles
  • People Counter
  • MSSB/ DB in 1.03a
  • Lighting including Emergency/Exit Lighting (EM)
  • Smoke Detectors/ Alarms
  • Grilles & Cushion Head Boxes
  • Bar Fridge
  • Other items at the discretion of the University.

Builders Works

  • Protect and make good of existing windows to ensure no damage during construction. 
  • Contractor shall remove all trade and generated trade refuse.
  • Remove Mechanical Services plinth from 1.03a and complete light grind ready for vinyl install.
  • Entry door to be maintained operational throughout scope of works, with protection applied.
  • Contractor shall remove (internal) boundary wall between 1.03a and 1.08.
  • Leave site in safe condition.
  • Supply of site-specific Safety Management Plan and SWMS incl. subcontractor for Principal review, prior to start.


  • All flooring shall be removed and a light grind (a/hours) to remove the glue, epoxy and any residue shall occur within the demolition zone, aligned to preparation of the surface ready for vinyl.


  • External swipe card and door operation to be maintained.

Electrical & Communications

  • Safely remove and return all redundant electrical items to Griffith University (GU) Facilities Maintenance (FM) to be reused, based on direction at site meeting.
  • Carefully remove and return any redundant submain cables to GU FM to be reused
  • Decommission EM/ Lighting as per GU Design Guidelines.
  • Salvage Power and Data cover plates, duct etc for reuse in N25; where reasonable and not requested by GU FM.
  • Salvage of Service Pole and reuse in N25
  • Make safe, Remove all redundant components and cabling. Remove redundant lights and switches. Plug all holes. Leave site with adequate lighting for inspection purposes, at completion.
  • GU understands that the Electrical is fed from sub DB DB1_A4 from sub DB1A. This shall be verfieid by the awarded contractor, prior to isolation.


  • Make Safe, remove all redundant components and cabling from MSSB located in 1.03A. Remove redundant lights and switches. Plug all holes. Leave site in safe condition
  • Locate power supplies to all mechanical services to be removed. Demolish including but not limited to cabling within and external to MSSB, controls, indicator lights, switches, contactors, and relays. Make good any redundant penetrations in switchboards with plastic blanking panels. Leave in a safe condition.
  • Demolish all mechanical services within the 1.08 and adjacent 1.03A plant room including but not limited to AHU, pipework, valves, power supplies, controls, condensate pipework, ductwork, grilles.
  • Cap the drainage from the tundish at the wall for later extension/reuse.
  • Isolate and cap the chilled water on the AHU valve train
  • Remove the MSSB (in 1.03a) and isolate and make safe the sub main. Remove all wiring from outgoing ways, heaters temp sensors wiring etc
  • Retain the existing duct serving the 1.10 lab and keep operational
  • the heater and HPT are currently at high level in the 1.10b plant room and also need to be maintained.
  • Refer to attached M105-AI and Air Conditioning Layout from 1979 for reference.


N25 1.25 – OPTION 01

All joinery, screens, data, power, loose furniture, and computers to final location from N34 1.08; connect & commission including power and data supplies.

Builders Works

  • The Contractor shall reinstall existing Joinery/ Workstations from N34 into N25, with minor modifications to suit the nominated Layout. Where angles of existing installation do not allow reasonable re-use. Contractor to propose re-use solution and include strategy in proposal
  • Install salvaged ceiling tiles in 1.25 where damaged. Allow for 15 Ceiling tiles.
  • Supply of site-specific Safety Management Plan and SWMS for Principal review, prior to start.


  • One (1) Install Security swipe card access to 1.25 door, include allowance to make necessary modifications to existing doors to cater for electronic control or replace door with approved equal. Assume capacity in Door Controller.

Electrical & Communications

  • GPO’s and Data cover plates to be reused from N34 1.08, if insufficient, contractor to supply.
  • Allow for additional wall 150x50 wall duct with end caps to suit any short falls of 1.25 room based on Option 01 layout. University is open to reuse of demolished duct from N34 1.08, where not required by GU FM.
  • Allow for min. two (2) DGPO/Double Data outlets per workstation & at least one (1) DGPO/ Double Data outlet per 2m of perimeter where not occupied by workstation, to allow for flexibility.
  • Cables to follow existing installation with additional catenary’s to be installed as required. Advise of optional cable tray in tender submission.
  • Assume capacity in Data Rack and Switchboard. This is to be investigated in the site visit. Contractors to bring their preferred sub-contractor.
  • Install of Services pole from N34 and make adjustments to ceiling.

Data & Communications subcontractor shall provide a CommScope certificate for reference and Principal approval.


Tenderers shall note the following:
Tenders shall close at:


  • Closing date and time for the receipt of the tender is:

Date: Wednesday 18 August 2021

Time: 1.00 pm

  • The Contract is a Lump Sum Fixed Price not subject to adjustment for rise and fall in costs.
  • Tenders shall remain valid for 30 business days.
  • The tenders will not be opened publicly.
  • Tenders will be evaluated in accordance with the following Criteria and weightings to be addressed in the Tender submission;
    • Construction program (show period of demolition, site audit by GU team after initial demolition and timeframe for displacement of Users)
    • Contractor’s key resources Provide CVs with names & qualifications of proposed site management and support staff together with details of any previous experience in working on a University campus. GU reserves the right to reject any nominated person and request an alternative nomination.
    • Price including Site Meeting attendance (refer Principal Project Requirements)

Any queries relating to the tender documents including drawings and specifications (if any) and requests for site access for an inspection, should be directed to the PD&C Project Manager Huw Hayes on Telephone 0466 948 521

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27 Aug, 2021
Building and Construction and Maintenance Services - (100%)
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