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Invitation To Submit Fee Proposal - Rooftop Solar Systems (Various Buildings), Nathan campus  

Griffith University
The Tender Box - Griffith University - Finance, Sewell Bldg (N12), Lvl 0, Room 0.19, West Creek Rd, Nathan, QLD, Australia, 4111
Invitation To Submit Fee Proposal - Rooftop Solar Systems (Various Buildings), Nathan campus (2740160360BFEESENGCS)
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Invitation To Submit Fee Proposal - Rooftop Solar Systems (Various Buildings), Nathan campus

Dear Consultants

RE:       Rooftop Solar Systems (Various Buildings), Nathan campus

You are invited to submit a Fee Proposal to undertake Structural Design and Documentation Services in connection with the above project. 

The scope of the services required is outlined in Schedule 1 of the enclosed Griffith University Standard Conditions of Appointment for Consultants.

Please ensure that you carefully peruse all documents provided with this letter of invitation to ensure that you are fully informed of the intended scope of the project, and that you understand the Conditions of Appointment and the extent of required services which will apply to this commission.

You are required to submit completed Schedules 3 and 4, together with any other information requested, to me no later than 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, 29 July 2021 05 August 2021, via the Qtenders link associated with this project. Proposals submitted by any other means or copied to any GU staff member, will be rejected.

It is recommended that you visit the site of the proposed project prior to submitting your proposal, as no additional fees will be approved due to any failure to appreciate the extent of the project or the level of documentation required. It is also recommended that you familiarise yourself with Section 29.00 of the current edition of the Griffith University Design Guidelines & Procedures (including any Pending Amendments) which relates to design procedures for consultants. This can be accessed on the web at

Your fee will be a Lump Sum Fee which shall not be subject to adjustment for any increase in the project budget resulting from escalation in building costs during the course of the design and construction of the project. The fee will only be adjusted in the event that the scope of the project is increased.

Please note that the fees for this project will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevant Experience and Past Performance (20%)
  • Skills, Expertise and Experience of Nominated Key Personnel (20%)
  • Methodology (20%)
  • Fee (40%)

If you have any queries concerning any of the information provided, and to make arrangements for a site visit, please contact me by telephoning (07) 3735 7351, or by email at

I look forward to receiving your proposal.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Burgess

Project Manager

5 Aug, 2021
Structural engineering - (100%)
selective offer process
$33,000 (Fixed Price)
South East Queensland
9 Sep, 2021
9 Sep, 2021


mpn Consulting
PO Box 328, Toowong, QLD, Australia, 4066
Price: $ 33000.00