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Catering Services Whyte Island  

Public Safety Business Agency
GPO Box 1425, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4001
Catering Services Whyte Island (QFES107435)
Goods and Services
Catering Services Whyte Island

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced catering service provider to undertake catering services at the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy located at Whyte Island. The catering services entail providing a healthy range of meal options to recruits, staff members, course participants and guests.

7 Jun, 2021
Food Beverage and Tobacco Products - (100%)
open offer process
$4,500,000 (Estimate)
South East Queensland
20 Aug, 2021
1 Sep, 2021
1 Sep, 2022
1 Sep, 2026
Christine Lawson
OFFICE: (07) 31452982


Cove Catering Services
16 Cycas Crt, Cornubia, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4130
Price: $ 0.00
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