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Market Sounding for Mackay Resignalling

Issued by Queensland Rail Limited

Request for Information

Status: Closed
Mega Category: Transport infrastructure and services
Number: QRP20151a
Released: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 at 11:26AM Brisbane, Queensland
Closed: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 at 2:00PM Brisbane, Queensland
UNSPSC: Passenger railway transportation - (100%)
Region/s: Mackay Whitsunday Region
South East Queensland

Section 1

Tender Overview

Queensland Rail is undertaking a market sounding exercise to inform our development of the delivery strategy for the Mackay Resignalling project. This Market Sounding exercise is an opportunity for industry participation in the development of the delivery strategy for the Project. There is no obligation for an industry participant to respond and a non-response will not affect any organisation’s future opportunities in respect of the Project.

Ariba  Sourcing,  Queensland  Rail’s  tendering  system,  is  the  only  tool  that  will  be  used  for  the  receipt  of. submissions.  Queensland  Rail  will  not  accept  any  hardcopy  responses  or  responses via the Queensland Government QTenders website.

Participants who are interested in submitting a response and would like to download all documents, please follow the instructions below:

  • Participants are to email the nominated Contact Officer (jade.pettersen@qr.com.au) to register to access the documents and online response form in Ariba Sourcing.
  • Participants are encouraged to carefully read all documentation available for download in Ariba Sourcing.

For this Market Sounding, Queensland Rail will provide the Project brief and Ariba Sourcing Supplier User Guide on QTenders for all QTender registered companies to review. Participants will need to determine if they would like to proceed to access the Tender in Ariba Sourcing.

The following table provides an overview of the Market Sounding process:

Activity Anticipated Timeframes
Market Sounding Issued 10 December 2020
Market Sounding response returned 20 January 2021

The data collected will form the basis of a Market Sounding report, which will inform and support further development of the delivery strategy for the project.

More about tendering here

Section 2

Still need help? Contact Us

users Jade Pettersen
phone 3072 1004
email jade.pettersen@qr.com.au

Section 3

Here is the detail

If there are no documents listed in this section, please refer to Section 1 Tender Overview.

Documents can not be downloaded once Tender has closed.